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Old Montreal has so many beautiful things to offer. Worn brick roads, peaceful gardens and I must not forget all the adorable little shops on every street. Montreal being a very lively city, I feel like there is never enough…

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Jaeda & Yvanna

First off, I must say how much I loved spending time with these two beautiful girls. I first met Jaeda and Yvanna-Rose at last years’ Runway for Hope Ottawa, I had never seen two young models own the stage as…

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I had the pleasure of designing a custom jumpsuit for the beautiful Sydney Maclellan. That was worn for the Angie's showcase 2018. She wore it with confidence and a sense of style. Her contagious smile is a statement on its own,…

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City Chic

Hi, I'm back !! I've been longing for sunshine a little too much lately. It feels like all I've been wearing is black for the longest time now! I can't wait for you guys to see my colourful spring wardrobe (I'm already planning…

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I might not be dressed for the cold, but sometimes its worth freezing your butt off to get a cute looking outfit post. (says the girl who was just sick for a whole week). I had to style my new…

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Custom made gingham top for someone special. These dainty ruffles add a flirty touch to this casual top. This can be paired many different ways; the possibilities are endless. This timeless print is making me long for sunny springtime weather. Coming…

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We made a little trip to visit our good friend in Montreal. We got to enjoy the lasts days of Christmas vacation. It turned out to be the coldest weather we’ve had so far but we still managed to have…

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